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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Outreach and other Parish Groups
  • Parish Hospitality and Support Groups
  • Liturgical Preparation (including Baptism, Funeral, RCIA. Mass of Annointing)
  • Groups Supporting Needs
  • Social Groups and Activities
  • Playgroups
  • Korean Community,
  • Ecumenical Groups,
  • Parish Halls & Gathering Centres
  • Groups that use Parish Facilities 
  • Communication Group
Parish Hospitality and Support Groups  (further volunteers always needed)

Welcome Committee
We greet people at Mass and make all our parishioners welcome. You are invited to contact the Parish Office or fill in a form for new parishioners that you will find in the back of each Church and let us know that you are new in the Parish through contact with the Parish office 9499 1515.  

Transport to Mass
Some of our older people require assistance getting to the Church.  If you need a lift, please contact the Parish Office.  Volunteers are also needed to provide this service to Parishioners.

Communion to the Sick and Elderly
We are aware that some people may not be able to join the community at Mass. Communion can be arranged for people in residential care as well as those who are in their own home.  If you are unable to attend Mass and wish a Special Minister to visit with Communion please contact the Parish Office.
Please contact the Parish Office and so that contact can be made with representatives of each church community:

Sunday Morning Cup of Tea / Coffee
At various intervals there are opportunities to gather for refreshments following Mass. All are welcome and are notified through the Parish Newsletter.

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Liturgical Preparation (including Baptism, Funeral, RCIA, Mass of Anointing, Childrens' Liturgy)

Baptism Preparation / Ministry
We work with parents to make the receiving of this Sacrament a meaningful and memorable occasion where we welcome each child into our faith community.  Families are encouraged to attend an information session prior to Baptism.

Funeral Ministry
This Ministry supports families at the time of bereavement and assists with the preparation of the funeral liturgy and service in reference to the selection of suitable readings, music and memorial booklets as required.  There is also an Annual Memorial Mass organised for bereaved people during the month of November.

RCIA (The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

This program introduces people wishing to join the Catholic Church to the community and prepares them to receive the Sacraments of Initiation.  It is facilitated by a group of parishioners who accompany the enquiries on their journey of faith.

Mass of Anointing & Blessing
This particular Mass is held three times a year, once in each of the Churches and is usually followed by a social gathering.  Transport is provided for those unable to make their own way.

Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy sheets are available in each church on a weekly basis. In the past there have been Children’s Liturgy programs, and we look forward to a time when these may resume.


This program maintains links with families whose children are baptised in the Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe through the years until they reach school age.  This is done by sending yearly birthday greetings, and a small prayer book is sent to four-year-olds.            Contact:  Merle Gilbo (03) 9497 1691

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Groups Supporting Needs

St Vincent De Paul
The Society has a representative in each community and this very important work is highly valued in our Parish.  Part of the Society’s work involves the care of people who are disadvantaged, aged, homeless, victims of drug abuse and domestic violence.  They offer employment opportunities for people with disabilities and network with other agencies. Learn more about The Society by contacting the Parish Office.

Ryder Cheshire Homes

Ryder Cheshire provides accommodation for country people who are undergoing medical treatment at metropolitan hospitals.  Accommodation is also supplied, at minimal cost, to relatives of those who are trauma and accident victims.  Volunteers from the Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe assist with maintenance and staffing.  We are on a roster to prepare a fund raising morning coffee every month or so. Contact Merle Gilbo, (03) 9497 1691.

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Social Groups & Activities

Outreach Objective: “To develop in our parish an awareness of the various needs of people in the community and to foster activities which reach out to meet those needs”

Eileen Mount, Chairperson, Outreach Group (email here)

Social Activities as a form of outreach
Outreach is firstly based on networks of people. As part of the Outreach process we do like to get together periodically for social reasons.   We arrange activities and events such as Card Games, Bus Trips, Parish Picnic, Fashion Parade, Trivia Night,  Dinner for Eight, Theatre Nights, and other functions for getting to know new parishioners and further developing relationships within the existing community. Some of these activities are also in the form of fund-raising events for our Mental Health Ministry, and other causes such as the Exodus Community in West Heidelberg, other Welfare Organizations, to Cheshire Ryder Foundation and various Overseas Missions.

To enquire about any of these activities e-mail [email protected]  or contact the Parish Office.

Details are also regularly advertised in the weekly Parish Newsletter, and on an ongoing basis are available to those who subscribe to this site. Events are also published in the online Calendar.

The Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe Annual Dinner Dance - Advance Notice - 23 July:
The Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe annual Dinner Dance will be held on Saturday 23 July 2011 at The Centre Ivanhoe. It is sure to be a great night so please consider organising your group table now to support your parish. Tickets on sale soon! Enquiries: Paul McEvey phone 043 850 9995 or email  [email protected]

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Parish Playgroup
There are two different Playgroup sessions which meet at Mary Immaculate Hall, Ivanhoe, on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9am – 11am.

Enrolments for 2011:  Phone 9499 1239

Please contact Parish Office for further details

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Korean Community

There is a large and vibrant community of Korean people in Melbourne who meet regularly in the Parish at St Bernadette's Church. The community meets at the 11.00 Mass at St Bernadette’s every week.   A cup of tea is shared with all parishioners at 10.30 in the Parish Community Centre.  A weekday Mass is also celebrated each Wednesday evening at 7.00pm.

The Korean community gathers at St Bernadette’s every week.   
St Bernadette’s Korean Mass:             Sunday 11.00am
St Bernadette’s Korean Mass:             Wednesday 7.30pm
St Bernadette’s Korean Adoration & Prayers:    Thursday 8.00 - 10.00pm

The community gathers for a variety of activities each week. 

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Ecumenical Group  

Ivanhoe Churches Together

Christian Unity is the focus of this group and the more effective spreading of the Christian message.  We foster dialogue and a sharing of our traditions with other churches in the Ivanhoe area. Monthly bible studies are one avenue where we encourage dialogue.  In our role as representatives of the Catholic tradition within the “Ivanhoe Churches Together” we gather to celebrate significant liturgical and seasonal events such as Maundy Thursday and Christmas in June. Contact: Lorraine and Keith Smith Ph (03) 9457 2256 

East Ivanhoe Ecumenical Group

The three Christian Churches in East Ivanhoe, the Anglican, Catholic and Uniting, arrange a series of lectures during Advent and Lent each year, known as The Richard McKinney Memorial Lectures. Contact  the Parish Office

Ryder Cheshire Homes.

Ryder Cheshire provides accommodation for country people who are undergoing medical treatment at metropolitan hospitals.  Accommodation is also supplied, at minimal cost, to relatives of those who are trauma and accident victims.  Volunteers from the Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe assist with maintenance and staffing.  We are on a roster to prepare a fund raising morning coffee every month or so.  Contact Merle Gilbo, (03) 9497 1691.

Mental Health Care & Chaplaincy

A group of patients discharged from psychiatric wards of major hospitals come regularly to St. Bernadette’s, for friendship, for social connection, and for spiritual and material support.  Local parishioners and St. Vincent de Paul Conference members assist with these visitors.  The chaplaincy, based at The Repatriation campus of the  Austin-Repatriation Hospital, provides visits to psychiatric wards in major hospitals and educational programs and supervision for carers and chaplains.  Some Ivanhoe  parishioners have attended these courses.  

Hospital Outreach

Several Ivanhoe Catholic parishioners volunteer to be on monthly rosters to wheelchair patients to the Repatriation chapel Eucharist service at 11am each Sunday.  More are needed and welcome to join with volunteers from other church communities. 

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Parish Halls & Gathering Centres

St Bernadette’s Community Centre:    Contact Joy Meacham        9497 4641
Mary Immaculate Hall:                            Contact the Parish Office
  9499 1515
Mother of God Community Centre:       Contact the Parish Office   9499 1515

Please note that because facilities are in residential areas, local Council noise restrictions apply. 

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Groups that use Parish Facilities

Mary Immaculate Hall

Parish Community

Parish Playgroup

There are two different Playgroup sessions which meet at Mary Immaculate Hall on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9am – 11am.
Please contact Parish Office for further details

Catechist Classes
When applicable on Wednesday evenings 7.00 – 9.00pm

Community Services

Alcoholics Anonymous  
Meet each Monday 8.00pm to 10.00pm at Mary Immaculate Hall.  Contact Parish Office 9499 1515.

Classes are held on Tuesday 7.00pm to 8.00pm at Mary Immaculate Parish Hall.  
For bookings please contact Rick via Parish Office

Gamblers Anonymous
Meets each Thursday from 7.30pm to 10.00pm at Mary Immaculate Hall
Contact the Parish Office.

St Bernadette’s Community Centre

Parish Community
St Vincent de Paul Conferences    Tuesday        8.00 – 9.00pm
Outreach Social Afternoons        Wednesday        12.00 – 3.00pm

Korean Community
Sundays                9.30am – 4pm
Tuesday    Korean Legio        10.45am – 1.30pm

Mother of God Community Centre

Community service / private bookings:
Piano lessons:    Wednesday and Thursday 3.30 – 8.30pm    Friday    3.30 – 6.30pm

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Parish Communication Group

John Costa, Chairperson, [email protected]


“To help enrich our faith through effective communication, and to ensure excellent communication within and around the Parish so as to achieve a strong sense of Community in the spirit of our faith" 


The focus of this group is on human communication, across all age groups, well served by the opportunities of new technology. This includes Multimedia, Website, Online Calendar, Email Updates,Broadband, Networks, Videoconferencing, and the Parish History project. Our Communication approach is multi-way, not uni-directional, and is based on interaction and feedback. This Website has a "Your Views" section where comments are welcome.

Parish "Communication Plan":

The Group is responsible for developing and maintaining the Parish "Communication Plan" to be used as a communication guideline across the Parish, after affirmation by the Parish Leadership Group.

Website (Online Parish):

  • Readily accessible key Parish support facility and online focal point.
  • Fosters a stronger sense of Community.
  • Comprehensive and timely source of Parish and other relevant information, resources and education.
  • Not a platform for preaching but more an encouragement of exploration, discovery, learning, engagement and growth.
  • Positively challenging.
  • Interactive, including moderated "blogs", surveys and "Your Views" Pages for different age groups to express viewpoints.
  • Offers Subscription to periodic email updates on key events and activities.
  • Content consistent with our beliefs and values - for all age groups.
  • Conservative in style, but alive and visually attractive.
  • Creates a fuller awareness of growing life, change, energy and activity within and around the Parish .
  • Linked to the "Online Parish Calendar", for better event information, forward planning and 'clash minimisation'.
  • Simple to use and navigate.
  • Enjoyable!

Online Parish Calendar:

Parish events for 2008, and beyond, are now online and available to all, directly or via the Online Calendar (available from this site). There is no longer any reason/excuse for not knowing what’s on, how to participate, or for ‘accidental’ meeting clashes. Calendar events may be entered via Parish Office or messages to [email protected]

Annual Parish Brochure:

The Parish Brochure should be updated and published annually in hard-copy form. As updated content is now readily available from the Website this will be relatively quick and easy to produce, primarily for those without Broadband access.

Parish Photo Archive:

The Communication Group has established and become the Custodian of a Parish photograph repository. One of several objectives is to periodically display photos to visually reinforce the impact of interesting community-related activities actually taking place in our Parish. Please send Parish photos of potential interest to [email protected]

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