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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe


 The people of the Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe are a diverse community covering all ages and many different backgrounds. They comprise the people and priest of this faith community working together, the people otherwise working together to support each other and  the parish, the people who attend or are associated with one or more of its three churches, people associated with each of the three parish schools, people who occasionally or rarely participate in one way or another, and the Parish Leadership Team. It is also simply those in need that we are in contact with. In a limited way this part of the website reflects some of these people.

Associated with the above, but additionally, this area of the website is also a place to share personal news, joyful or sorrowful.

As well, this part of the website is a place of welcome for people who wish to express views on any parish or church related topic. In a changing and challenging faith world  Integrity depends upon the ability to have open and honest discussion, in the context of that faith.  

The key focus on "People" in this parish is intimately linked with our Parish values - Inclusiveness, Hospitality, Service, Mission

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