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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Prayers Of The Faithful
Solemnity of Christ The King    14/15  November  2020

Prayers of the Faithful

Today we acclaim the loving reign of Christ over the whole of creation. Let us pray for his love to prevail in every human heart.

  • For the hungry, that we will give freely of our plenty to feed the many who have too little to eat. Lord hear us: R/

  • For the thirsty, that nations will unite in ensuring they have ready access to drinking water and sanitation. Lord hear us: R/

  • For the stranger, that in every land a spirit of welcome and hospitality will overcome hostility and suspicion. Lord hear us: R/

  • For the naked, that economies driven by consumption will be converted to economies of inclusion and generosity. Lord hear us: R/

  • For those in prison, that they be treated humanely and be detained no longer than is just . Lord hear us: R/

  • For healing mercies for the sick and those in need especially, Alain Bozelle, Magdalene Lau, Hong Zhou, Raffaela Napolitano, John O’Brien, Peter Butler, Rebecca Bolden, Maree Nunan, Silvana De Iulio, Carmel Garonzi and Barry Gilbo.

  • For all doctors, nurses and health care workers and those working on vaccines and treatments for Covid 19 and for those in countries overwhelmed by the virus, that they will be cared for with skill and compassion. Lord hear us: R/

  • For all who have died recently, all whose anniversary occurs at this time and departed family and friends, especially Desmond Reardon, David Dyer, Stephania Janus, Ellen Ryan, Valentin Vukic, Anna Borromeo,  and all whom we remember during this month of Holy Souls: May they be welcomed into the realm of eternal glory. Lord hear us: R/

  • In union with the prayers of Mary, Mother of the Church, and all the Saints, we offer the prayers and intentions that rest upon our own hearts ….. Lord hear us:  R/

Shepherding God, you have revealed your saving love for us in Jesus Christ. Set our hearts free to practise a love like his. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.