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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Prayers Of The Faithful
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Dear friends, for our sake Jesus endured the cross and laid open the path of life. Baptised in him and fired by his Spirit, let us pray for all in need.



  • For Pope Francis, bishop of Rome and all bishops and church leaders. May they be wellsprings of hope in these times of global upheaval and uncertainty and bear inspiring witness to the joy of the Gospel.

(PAUSE)  Lord hear us:  Lord, hear our prayer


  • For all whose following of Jesus puts them into mortal danger: May they have the courage to stay true to their baptismal faith.     

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  • For the people of Hong Kong as they struggle for the right to live under a democratic system: May there be opportunities for constructive and just listening and dialogue among all holding divergent views within China and its territories. 

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  • That the fire of justice, hope and compassion will blaze over all the earth. May we play our part in sparking such a fire and providing the fuel to keep it burning strongly.

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  • For those who are tempted to take their own lives and those who succeed. May they and their families be supported by compassionate understanding and practical help.

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  • For the sick and those in special need: May they know God’s healing love through those who care for them.

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  • For all who have died recently, those whose anniversary occurs at this time, and for departed family and friends, especially Giuseppina Lepore, Gino Barro, Rose and Mio Tosolini, Giuseppe Rocco, Dorothy Coldwell, Kath Trotter, Alberico Calvisi: May they join the cloud of witnesses around the throne of God.

(PAUSE)  Lord hear us:   Lord, hear our prayer



Saving God, you have given us your Son as our leader in faith. Keep us close to him and never let us never lose sight of him, for he is our hope of glory. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

"(Jesus) made demands on people
that challenged them
to the very heart of their being"
© Dianne Bergant CSS

(on Luke 12:49-53)